Esker Grove Menu

Esker Grove Menu

—  LUNCH  —

counter service tue-fri 11am–3pm, no reservations needed



Hummus Toast
brussels, avocado, beets 8

Eggplant Tartine
chèvre, preserved tomato, parsley 9

Grilled Cheese
 raclette, apple, brioche 9

Deviled Ham Sandwich
cornichon, mustard, cooked egg 10

rotating meats, fermented vegetables
crackers, preserved fruit, crackers 14

House Ground Burger
pickle, cheese, lettuce 12

Fried Chicken Sandwich
mole negro, avocado, cilantro 11


Seasonal Soup 
cup 5, bowl 8

Esker Grove Salad
herbs, seaweeds, vegetables 9
*add rotisserie chicken 3
*add pickled herring 3

Chopped Salad
grains, cooked egg, smoked
blue cheese 9

Smoked Sturgeon Rillettes
celeriac, horseradish, crackers 12

Cous Cous
merguez, pine nuts, raisins 13

Red Rice
miso, kale, preserved mushrooms,
rotisserie vegetables 9

Whole Wheat Gnocchi
lamb ragout, fennel, parmigiano 14


French Fries 5

Petite Greens 5

Fruit 5



—  BRUNCH  —

sat-sun 11am–3pm, reservations available



Death in the Afternoon
lemon, sparkling wine, copper & kings absinthe 8

lime, beefeater gin 9

 grapefruit, sparkle donkey blanco tequila 9

orange, norseman vodka 9

Esker Bloody
roasted tomato, savory spices, letherbee gin, cheese bricks, cocktail weenies 10

Verde Bloody
tomatillo, wheatgrass, cucumber, savory spices, linie aquavit, crispy vegetables 10

Curious George
banana, tonic, hamilton 151 demerara rum 10

Cafe Esker
spyhouse & chicory coffee blend, old overholt rye whiskey, demerara sugar, whipped cream


nuts & seeds, salty banana custard,
bourbon barrel aged maple syrup 9

French Toast
pistachio, country ham, mascarpone, sage 12

Semolina Porridge
 black truffle, slow cooked egg, kale, onion purée 12

Boudin Noir
silky potato purée, pear, chesnut 13

comté, leeks, garlic, petite greens 11

Steak & Eggs
sirloin, soft scrambled eggs, marrow toast,
spicy fermented broccoli 16

Tostada Supreme
carnitas, mole negro, black beans, poached eggs, fresh cheese, cilantro 14

Croque Madame
speck, raclette, apple, egg, bechemel 15

Endive & Farro Salad
blue cheese, smoked honey, vinagrette 10

Esker Grove Salad
herbs, seaweeds, vegetables 9

—  Dinner  —



Chestnut Soup 
brussels, grain mustard,
bone marrow 9

Endive & Farro Salad
blue cheese, smoked honey, vinaigrette 10

Esker Grove Salad
herbs, seaweeds, vegetables 9

Celery Root Tart
sour milk, crispy chip,
dried apple skin 10

grapefruit, gjetost, brown
butter hollandaise 9

Charred Sea Scallop Crudo
pomegranate, black garlic, watercress 11

Heirloom Pork Terrine 
fermented vegetables, crab apple, rye 10


preserved mushrooms, onion,
puffed wild rice 21

coffee, caramelized goats milk,
escarole, black walnuts 19

Spit Roasted Sturgeon
hearts of palm, caramelized lemon, 
harissa, ash 26

smoked potato, morcilla,
kale 22

Lamb Shoulder
honey glaze, wheat berries, 
apple puree 27

chestnut pain perdu, 
artichoke, jus 24


NY Strip
dry aged, carrot, black truffle,
cabbage 32



coconut, mango, passion fruit  9

Almond Cake
lemon, chèvre, thyme 9

parsnip, bourbon, pear 9

banana, peanut butter, dulce malt 9


-Nuts, Grains, Seeds-

Farro black walnut, parmesan 6

Potato harissa, olio verde 6

Groats mushroom, pork fat 6





Champagne Cocktail
sparkling wine, sugar-cube angostura original bitters, lemon twist  9

havana club blanco rum, sugar, lime juice, bittercube jamaican #2 bitters, lime wheel 10

Daisy Cocktail
prairie vodka, lemon juice, orange liqueur, lemon twist 11

Pastis Cocktail
ricard pastis, chilled water, w/ choice of grenadine, orgeat or orange liqueur 9

plymouth gin, dolin dry vermouth, bittercube orange bitters, lemon coin 12

martell vs cognac, demerara sugar, peychaud’s bitter, pernod absinthe, expressed lemon 10 

Golden Ratio Cocktail
buffalo trace bourbon, house made vermouth, angostura bitters, maraschino cherry 12

Flip Cocktail
winter rum blend, sugar, egg,  
st. elizabeth allspice dram, fresh
nutmeg atop 10


Champagne Cocktail
sparkling wine, sugar-cube peychaud’s
barrel-aged bitters, blossom water 9

uncle val’s restorative gin, orgeat, lemon juice, sunflower oil 10

Daisy Cocktail
gamle ode aquavit, lime juice, honey, velvet  falernum, angostura bitters & orange twist 11 

Pastis Cocktail
prince pastis, honey w/ choice of hot green tea or coffee scented water 9

absolut vodka, lillet blanc, brined wheat berries, orange twist 9

overholt rye whiskey, clay, demerara sugar, peychaud’s bitter, herbsaint, expressed  lemon 10 

Golden Ratio Cocktail
cazadores reposado tequila, punt e mes, campari, warming mole bitters, flamed orange 12

Flip Cocktail
copper & kings apple brandy, sherry, egg, red wine. bittercube cherry bark vanilla 10



Doughnut Holes curry, caramel 5
Coffee Cake sour cream, cinnamon 5
Sticky Buns black wal5


Fruit 6
Two Eggs 4
Merguez 6
Bacon 6
Root Vegetable & Potato Rosti 4
Coors Light Pony 2