Esker Grove Brunch Menu

Esker Grove Brunch Menu, The best brunch in Minneapolis is available Saturday and Sunday.

—  BRUNCH  —

sat-sun 10:30 am–3pm, reservations available 


French Toast 12
apricot, pistachio, mascarpone

Vegetable Hash* 12
roasted vegetables, herbs, soft poached egg

Quiche 12
comté, leeks, garlic, petite greens

Croque Madame* 15
ham, raclette, apple, egg, bechamel

Steak Frites* 18
black garlic butter, fried eggs

Endive & Farro Salad 11
blue cheese, smoked honey, vinaigrette



Cobb Salad 14
chicken confit, avocado,
poblano-feta vinaigrette

Salmon Toast 14
lox, rillette, capers, dill

Avocado Toast* 15
king crab, fried egg, radish

Pork Belly Breakfast Sandwich 11
english muffin, swiss chard, fried egg

Fried Chicken Sandwich 13
bibb lettuce, red onion, salsa verde

Cheeseburger* 13
bacon jam, caramelized onions, pickles

*If you have any food allergy, please inform your server before ordering. Consumption of raw or under-cooked seafood
(including shellfish), poultry, and meat or dairy products can be hazardous to your health.

-Anna’s Pastries-

Popovers 5
pimento cheese, fines herbes

Old Fashioned Donut   5
lemon, ginger

Seasonal Crisp   6
whipped crème fraîche


Fruit 6

Two Eggs 4

Lowry Hill Meats Sausage 6

Bacon 6

Potato Rosti 5

Petite Greens 5

Coors Light Pony 2




The Best 8
white elephant jasmine & lychee kombucha, brut
rosé & fresh grapefruit juice

Harvey Wallbanger 10
crooked waters l’eau grand vodka, galliano, fresh
orange juice

Vinyasa Iced Tea 10
catnip gin, mathilde pêche & lemonade w/ choice
of black or hibiscus iced tea

Manic Panic 8
red wine & vermouth w/ cola & spices

Vinyasa Iced Tea 10
catnip gin, mathilde pêche & lemonade w/ choice
of black or hibiscus iced tea

Esker Bloody 10
tomato, parsnip, carrot, savory spices, letherbee gin, cheese bricks, cocktail weenies

Verde Bloody 10
tomatillo, chive, cucumber, celery, savory spices, linie aquavit, crispy vegetables

Corazón Bloody 10
tomato, carrot, savory spices w/ fresh lime, st.
george green chili vodka & mezcal soaked
pickled vegetables


—  TAPS —

Bauhaus Brew Labs Wonderstuff 6
NE Mpls, bohemian pilsner| 5.4%  

Fair State Brewing Co-op  Pils 6

NE Mpls, german pilsner | 4.9%

Able Seedhouse + Brewery  Cosmic Fruit 6
NE MPLS, citrus pale ale | 5% 

Bad Weather Hopcromancer 7
St Paul MN, india pale ale | 7.0%

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. 14° ESB 6 (nitro)
Duluth MN, amber ale | 5.6% 

Rotating Local Tap
inquire for current selection | price


—  Non-Alcoholic beverages —


Vegetal 6
tomato, savory spices w/ a verde juice shot

Double Step 4
double espresso shaken w/ a sugar cube & orange peel garnish

Pamp & Circumstance 5
pamplemousse la croix w/ lemon, orange
blossom water & spicy pomegranate

Nai Fashioned   7
fee's old fashioned bitters, luxardo cherry juice w/a splash of
lemon-lime soda & an orange peel