Esker Grove Brunch Menu

Esker Grove Brunch Menu, The best brunch in Minneapolis is available Saturday and Sunday.

—  BRUNCH  —

sat-sun 10:30 am–3pm, reservations available 


Milk & Cereal 9
earl grey panna cotta, grains, berries

French Toast 12
apricot, pistachio, mascarpone

Vegetable Hash* 12
roasted vegetables, herbs, soft poached egg

Quiche 12
comté, leeks, garlic, petite greens

Crêpes 10
lemon, ricotta, fines herbes

Steak & Eggs* 18
sirloin, soft scrambled eggs, broccolini

Croque Madame* 15
ham, raclette, apple, egg, bechamel

Endive & Farro Salad 11
blue cheese, smoked honey, vinaigrette



Esker Grove Salad 9
herbs, seaweeds, vegetables

Cheeseburger* 13
lettuce, pickle, american cheese

Salmon Toast 14
lox, rillette, capers, dill

Avocado Toast 15
king crab, fried egg, radish

*If you have any food allergy, please inform your server before ordering. Consumption of raw or under-cooked seafood
(including shellfish), poultry, and meat or dairy products can be hazardous to your health.


Buttermilk Biscuit 5
housemade jams and spreads

Coffee Cake 6
brown butter, cinnamon

Old Fashioned Donut 5
orange, black sesame



Fruit 6

Two Eggs 4

Lowry Hill Meats Sausage 6

Bacon 6

Potato Rosti 5

Coors Light Pony 2




Red Wine Summer 9
rosso vino & san pellegrino limonata on ice

Dress Code 9
peruvian pisco, velvet falernum, dry curaçao,
w/ fresh pineapple, lime & lemon

Sunburn Old Fashion 10
charred pineapple coconut rum blend & honey

Frankfort #3* 9
old overholt whiskey, black tea infused milk,
lemon & half egg

Hizo Kitty 9
junmai sake, almond milk, orgeat, peychaud’s bitters w/ a fresh berry

Esker Bloody 10
tomato, parsnip, carrot, savory spices, letherbee gin, cheese bricks, cocktail weenies

Verde Bloody 10
tomatillo, chive, cucumber, celery, savory spices, linie aquavit, crispy vegetables


—  TAPS —

Fair State Brewing Co-op Roselle 5
NE Mpls, hibiscus kettle sour | 5.7%

Fulton Standard 5
Downtown MPLS, american lager | 4.5%

Summit, Keller Pils 6
St Paul MN, german-style pilsner | 5.1%

Insight Brewing Troll Way 7
NE MPLS, west coast style IPA | 7%

Able Seedhouse + Brewery, House Red 5
NE Mpls, american red ale | 4.6%

Rotating Local Tap
inquire for current selection | price


—  Non-Alcoholic beverages —


Vegetal 6
tomato, savory spices w/ a verde juice shot

Double Step 4
double espresso shaken w/ a sugar cube & orange peel garnish

Rhu-Berry Cola 5
rhubarb & cranberry bitters w/ seltzer, cranberry
juice & a splash of cola

Prohibition Pink Robot 6
effervescent kombucha tea