Esker Grove Lunch Menu

Esker Grove Lunch Menu, Jcounter service tue-fri 11am–3pm, no reservations needed

—  LUNCH  —

counter service tue-fri 11am–3pm, no reservations needed


Salmon Toast 14
lox, rillette, capers, dill, brioche

Eggplant Tartine 10
preserved tomato, chèvre

Grilled Cheese 10
 raclette, apple, brioche

Deviled Ham Sandwich 12
cornichon, mustard, cooked egg

Mortadella Sandwich   12
piparras peppers, jarlsberg, dijon, milk bun

Cheeseburger* 13
lettuce, pickle, american cheese

Tempura Haddock Sandwich  14
aioli, shallots, lettuce

Omelet 13
mushroom, asparagus, parmesan

*all sandwiches are served with house made potato chips

*If you have any food allergy, please inform your server before ordering. Consumption of raw or under-cooked seafood (including shellfish), poultry, and meat or dairy products can be hazardous to your health.


Daily Soup 
cup 5, bowl 8

Esker Grove Salad 10
herbs, seaweeds, vegetables
-add roasted chicken +4

Chopped Salad 13
roasted chicken, wheat berries, egg,
sprouts, smoked blue

Risotto   13
roasted winter vegetables,
mushrooms, parmesan
-add roasted chicken +3 or shrimp +5

Red Rice 12
miso, kale, preserved mushrooms,
roasted vegetables

Nicoise Salad   15
tuna confit, beans, tomato, egg, olives

Tagliatelle   14
broccolini, peas, mascarpone, mint


French Fries 5

Petite Greens 5

Fruit 5