Esker Grove Dinner Menu

Esker Grove Dinner Menu, Check out Minneapolis new dinner restaurant.

—  Dinner  —



Esker Grove Salad 9
herbs, seaweed, vegetables

Endive & Farro Salad 11
blue cheese, smoked honey, vinaigrette

Broccolini 13
burrata, mushrooms, shallot

Yellowfin Tuna Crudo* 13
coconut, avocado, squid ink

Heritage Pork Terrine 11
fermented vegetables, preserved apricot, mustard

Salsify 11
grapefruit, gjetost, brown
butter hollandaise

Raviolo* 14
carrot, pea, mascarpone, cumin

*If you have any food allergy, please inform your server before ordering. Consumption of raw or under-cooked seafood (including shellfish), poultry, and meat or dairy products can be hazardous to your health.


Golden Beets 21
roman gnocchi, pistachio, agrodolce

Wild Sea Bass 26
octopus, watercress, tortellini, lardo, olive,

Clams 23
smoked potato, morcilla, kale

Pork Belly 26
fennel, ricotta, leek, pollen

Chicken 25
sunchokes, red grapes, chickories

Duck 32
dry aged rohan, plum, fermented radish, yaki onigiri



Panna Cotta 9
milk, honeycomb, bee pollen, wildflowers

Sweet Corn Cake 9
blueberry, brown butter, buttermilk

Semifreddo 9
milk chocolate, cocoa, toasted almond, sea salt

Tart 9
black plum, sesame, ginger

Cheese 8
robiola, pine cone syrup, sorrel, crackers



Farro 6
black walnut, parmesan 

Bok Choy 6
dashi, bonito

Job's Tears 6
corn, tomatoes, chanterelles