Esker Grove Brunch Menu

Esker Grove Brunch Menu, The best brunch in Minneapolis is available Saturday and Sunday.

—  BRUNCH  —

sat-sun 10am–3pm, reservations available 


grains & seeds, salty banana custard,
bourbon barrel aged maple syrup 9

French Toast
pistachio, prosciutto, mascarpone, sage 12

Semolina Porridge
 black truffle, slow cooked egg, kale, onion purée 12

Boudin Noir
silky potato purée, pear, chesnut 13

comté, leeks, garlic, petite greens 11

Steak & Eggs
sirloin, soft scrambled eggs, marrow toast,
spicy fermented broccoli 18



Tostada Supreme
carnitas, mole negro, black beans, poached eggs, fresh cheese, cilantro 14

Croque Madame
speck, raclette, apple, egg, bechemel 15

Endive & Farro Salad
blue cheese, smoked honey, vinagrette 10

Esker Grove Salad
herbs, seaweeds, vegetables 9

House Ground Burger
pickle, cheese, lettuce 12


Doughnut Holes 
curry, caramel 5

Coffee Cake 
sour cream, cinnamon 5

roasted vegetables 5



Fruit 5

Two Eggs 4

Breakfast Sausage 6

Bacon 6

Root Vegetable & Potato Rosti 4

Coors Light Pony 2




Death in the Afternoon
lemon, sparkling wine, copper & kings absinthe 9

lime, beefeater gin 9

 grapefruit, sparkle donkey blanco tequila 9

orange, norseman vodka 9

Esker Bloody
roasted tomato, savory spices, letherbee gin, cheese bricks, cocktail weenies 10

Verde Bloody
tomatillo, wheatgrass, cucumber, savory spices, linie aquavit, crispy vegetables 10

Curious George
banana, tonic, hamilton 151 demerara rum 10

Cafe Esker
spyhouse & chicory coffee blend, old overholt rye whiskey, demerara sugar, whipped cream


—  Non-Alcoholic beverages —


roasted tomato, savory spices, verde juice shot 7

Esker Monde
spyhouse & chicory coffee blend, demerara, sugar, whipped cream 7

 grapefruit, sparkle donkey blanco tequila 7

orange, norseman vodka 9