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Cobbler 9
5yr madeira, cognac, fresh lemon, sugar, angostura orange bitters w/ fresh berries atop

Daiquiri 9
havana club rum blend, luxardo maraschino
w/ sugar & fresh lime

Daisy Cocktail 11
havana club añejo clásico, rothman & winter apricot liqueur w/ fresh lime & pineapple

Pastis Cocktail^ 9
ricard pastis, chilled water w/ option of orgeat or
grenadine, served over ice

Negroni 12
beefeater london dry gin, sweet vermouth blend,
campari served up w/ an orange coin

Sazerac 10
old overholt rye whiskey, demerara sugar,
peychaud’s bitters, herbsaint w/ expressed lemon

Boilermaker 9
hauenstein’s american lager w/ choice of old overholt rye or evan williams bourbon whiskey

Toddy 10
1792 bourbon, demerara sugar, lemon, angostura & bittercube cherrybark-vanilla bitters w/ hot water

^ contains nuts or seeds


Cobbler 9
hizo special junmai sake, jinro soju, fresh lemon, palm
sugar w/ fresh plum atop

Daiquiri 9
batavia arrack van oosten, grenadine, fresh lime
w/ bittercube jamaican #1 & #2 bitters

Daisy Cocktail^ 11
gamle ode aquavit, velvet falernum, fresh lime,
honey w/ angostura bitters & orange twist

Pastis Cocktail 9
prince pastis, kleiner feigling vodka,
prisma sauvignon blanc, served over ice

Negroni 12
new orlean’s rum blend, cognac, dolin blanc
vermouth w/ meletti amaro & cynar

Sazerac 10
laird’s applejack, glögg, peychaud’s & angostura bitters w/ star anise & lapsang infused absinthe

Boilermaker 9
reed’s extra ginger brew, fernet
branca arancia on nitro-tap

Toddy 10
linie aquavit, spiced pumpkin orgeat,
w/ a squash & pear cordial, served hot


- TAP -

Sociable Cider Werks Training Wheels 6
NE Mpls, scrumpy cider | 6.3%

Surly Hell 5
Prospect Park Mpls, helles lager | 5%

Able Seedhouse + Brewery, Propers 6
NE Mpls, british style pub ale | 4.9%

Fulton Hopstar 7
Downtown MPLS, session IPA | 4.9%

Castle Danger, Danger Ale 6
Two Harbors MN, north shore | 6.9%

Hammerhart Brewing Company 7
Lino Lakes MN, rotating seasonal



Aspall Blush 7
Suffolk, EG, cyder | 4%

Stiegl Radler 7
Salzburg, AT, grapefruit radler | 2.5%

New Belgium Sour Saison 6
Fort Collins, CO, blended sour | 7%

Coors Light 4
Golden CO, light lager | 4.2%

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 6
Rome, IT european lager | 5.1%

Hauenstein 4
New Ulm, MN, american lager| 4.55%

Gluek’s 7
Denver CO, pilsner pale lager | 5.25%

Founders Breakfast Stout 7
Grand Rapids, MI, imperial coffee stout | 8.3%

Barley John’s Old 8 Porter 8
New Brighton MN, porter | 8%

- N/A Beverages -

Clausthauler Amber 5
dry hopped non-alcoholic ale

Prohibition Sicilian 6
effervescent kombucha tea

Green Toddy 5
green tea, honey w/ lemon & aromatics