Esker Grove Bar Menu

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French 75  10
brut cava, maison rouge vs cognac, lemon juice, simple syrup, peychaud bitters w/ lemon ribbon

Sling Cocktail 9
bacardi rum blend, cola, fresh lime, angostura bitters w/ lime wheel & fresh mint

Daisy Cocktail^ 11
spring rum blend, lime juice, pierre ferrand dry curaçao, orgeat, bittercube jamaican #2,
angostura bitters w/ fresh mint

Fizz* 10
macchu peruvian pisco, lemon juice, lime juice, sugar, egg white w/ angostura bitters

Pastis Cocktail^ 9
ricard pastis de marseille, chilled water w/ option of orgeat, grenadine or peche liqueur

Martini 11
beefeater gin, carpano dry vermouth, pernod
absinthe superieure w/ a castelvetrano olive

Old Fashioned 10
evan williams bourbon, palm sugar, bittercube trinity & angostura bitters w/ orange ribbon

Golden Ratio Cocktail 12
buffalo trace bourbon, vermouth blend, angostura & bittercube cherry bark vanilla bitters w/
maraschino cherry

^may contain almonds
*consuming raw eggs may increase risk of foodborne llness
“traditional absinthe cocktail available upon request


French 75 10
brut rosé, cazadores reprosado, grapefruit juice, simple syrup w/ an orange rose

Sling Cocktail 9
absolut vodka, palm sugar, lemon juice,
prohibition kombucha w/ umbrella & cherry

Daisy Cocktail 11
gamle ode aquavit, lime juice, honey, john d’s velvet falernum w/ angostura bitters & an orange twist

Fizz 10
tattersall barrel-aged gin, lemon juice, porcini, licorice root, aquafaba, bittercube orange bitters

Pastis Cocktail 9
pernod pastis, nitro cold brew coffee w/
bittercube trinity bitters

Martini 11
modest vodka, macchu pisco, lillet rosé w/ grapefruit blossom bitters

Old Fashioned 10
damoiseau rhum agricole, cane-syrup, lime peel w/ a passion fruit chili tincture

Golden Ratio Cocktail 12
maison rouge vs cognac, la garrocha sherry, vermouth blend, luxardo maraschino liqueur w/ flamed orange


- Bar Snacks -

Artichokes 9
marinated, new potato, oxalis

Eggplant Tartine 8
chèvre, preserved tomato, parsley

Cheese 8
robiola, pine cone syrup, sorrel, crackers

Duck Liver Mousse 12
baguette, red onion, mustard

Carpaccio* 15
limousin beef, fiddleheads, charred onion, egg yolk

Clams 14
smoked potato, morcilla, kale

Gordita 8
masa, chicken, chipotle, queso fresco, radish

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich 15
aioli, tomato, lettuce

French Fries 5